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most all of the ten items purchased have arrived on time and well wrapped. thank you

- by gilles on 11-18-2019

I love “2” dollar bills

- by Alan on 11-18-2019

Nice coin!

- by Alan on 11-18-2019

This bracelet is so beautiful my daughter and I fight over it but I got it

- by Micheal on 11-18-2019

These earrings a beautifully made and they look great on my ears

- by Micheal on 11-18-2019

I am enjoying wearing the earring.

- by Najwa on 11-18-2019

Love the site and I loved the ring..It was so easy to do..Thank you..

- by Shirleen on 11-18-2019

Great value

- by Peter on 11-17-2019

Great colour

- by Kristen on 11-17-2019

Very Happy

- by Kerri on 11-17-2019