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Very fast shipment nice looking watch

- by Patricia on 02-19-2019

Lovely bracelet. I will enjoy it for years.

- by Diana on 02-19-2019

nice ring fits well

- by Susanne on 02-19-2019

My son loved it! Thank you.. Aida Shaw

- by Aida on 02-19-2019

Brother loves the band so I switched with him. Good win!

- by Selena on 02-19-2019

Just as I thought it would be. Waiting on summer and a lighter wardrobe.

- by Selena on 02-19-2019

Love, love, love this bracelet and watch piece. Now my pearl set is complete.

- by Selena on 02-19-2019

Interesting watch. I'm sure I'll get enough wear since I love leopard.

- by Selena on 02-19-2019

The sister circle is complete. Glad I won enough for the five of us.

- by Selena on 02-19-2019

Love love love this watch it's perfect because i don't like things around my wrist....

- by Iva on 02-19-2019