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My daughter loves it

- by Ronald on 10-12-2019

Bracelet looks much much better than its picture. Very unique and elegant. Just beautiful!!!

- by JoDee on 10-12-2019

Absolutely stunning ring! It is so different. I can hardly wait to wear it out... I KNOW I'll get lots and lots of oooh's and aaa's!!!

- by JoDee on 10-12-2019

This is a gift for my 89 y.o. cousin. She love "bulky" things! Perfect !!!

- by JoDee on 10-12-2019

Simply beautiful

- by Terry on 10-12-2019

Really pleased with this couldn’t be better

- by neville on 10-12-2019

It's exciting.

- by Reynold on 10-12-2019

its a nice piece

- by brent on 10-12-2019

its a nice piece to make something

- by brent on 10-12-2019

My daughter loves it.

- by Geraldine on 10-12-2019