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Beautiful piece! Very fast shipping and handling!

- by Adam on 05-19-2007

Very different piece. But I love it more and more!

- by Adam on 05-19-2007

This is awesome and fun! Thank you! Very fast shipping again!

- by Adam on 05-19-2007

Great Jewlery! Good prices

- by Hope on 05-18-2007

Amazing how we find things while surfing, give people a chance on a lark, and\r\nthen fin that we have been WOWED beyond our wildest imagination. I have\nbought\r\njewelery from this site worth tens of thousands of dollars and have paid\npennies\r\non the actual dollar value. thank you is not a strong enough term.

- by Michael on 05-17-2007

The ring I bought - BEAUTIFUL! Better than the picture!

- by Misti on 05-17-2007

Great place to shop. Fun to see what is up for auction and how much it goes\r\nfor.

- by Sharon on 05-15-2007

I couldn\'t afford the ring I wanted, yet I found another I knew my wife would\r\nlove. It appraised for $1360.00 and I bought it for $106.00. What a deal.\nThank\r\nyou

- by Mark on 05-15-2007

I went on the site for no good reason other than curiosity, and I just got my\r\nsocks knocked off. WOW!! I bought a ring worth over 3K for only $151!!! Talk\r\nabout Angels in disguise. Here they are.

- by Michael on 05-15-2007

I bid on a violin for my daughter that had an msrp of $500.00 and got it for\r\n$161.00 with shipping and handling, it arrived today via ups, and I was very\r\nplease with my purchase I would recommend this sight to everyone I know\nlooking\r\nfor a good deal on auction iems, thank you very much

- by timothy on 05-14-2007