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So far everything looks great!

- by LO on 01-10-2006

Police Auctions is one of the only auctions that you can get a good\r\nproduct\r\nat a fair price. I\'m very glad I found you. I love the fireauctions.\r\nGreat\r\nJob. Sincerely, \r\n Gary Daley [The Wyoming kid].

- by Gary on 01-09-2006

There is just so many great things on here & you don\'t have to have alot\r\nof money! Great I love it!

- by Carolyn on 01-05-2006

I am very pleased for the winnings I received. They were delivered\r\nin 3-4 days, impressive time. Keep up the good work. Happy New\r\nYear 2006 full of success and the best to you all.\r\n\r\n\r\n

- by JORGE on 12-27-2005

The \"fire sale\" auctions are fun and I won two fabulous items at bargain\r\nbasement prices. The delivery service is also the best on the web,\r\nincluding stores. My items arrived just 3 days after the auction closed\r\nand this is Christmas time!

- by Chris on 12-14-2005

Great product at a great price too. I am really glad that I found this site.

- by Joe on 12-10-2005

Great auction.

- by lynn on 12-08-2005

I was realy glad that this worked out for me, I had never done this before\r\nand was a little scared about it. Now that I see how it works and I got\r\nmy stuff in at a good time, I love it. I\'m going to tell friends.

- by rlmj on 12-07-2005

I made one heck of a deal on Police Auctions. I try to join in on\neveryone.\r\nGreat place to make a great deal. See you at the auctions. A friend,\r\n Gary--BOSSBACKWARDS\r\n

- by Gary on 12-06-2005

Great site!!! Everyone should shop here!

- by christie on 12-06-2005