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its great site, especially how it was changed, now I can make a bid and go\nabout\r\nmy business..they have great stuff! thanks

- by Diane on 04-24-2007

I am so excited about my winnings. This bidding thing is fun and exciting.

- by pink on 04-24-2007

This was the first time I have ever bid on anything, I won the product and\nit\r\nwas easier than I thought. I will always be a member here.

- by Bishop on 04-24-2007

Great experiance easy to use.

- by Anthony on 04-23-2007

I like to let the others fight out the price till the last few minutes then I\r\nbid and win. I am very happy with the rings I won. I know I would not have\nbeen\r\nable to afford them other wise.

- by Robin on 04-23-2007

excellent and fun.

- by Robin on 04-23-2007

This site is a very secure site, i would recommend it to anyone i know.

- by Donald rawson on 04-21-2007

Love this website!..great customer service!...I\'ll be a member for life!!!

- by mike on 04-20-2007

You guys are great and further you make claiming and check-out SO easy!!!.\nOther\r\nsites want the Pay-Pal type of claiming , and it is DIFFICULT. Yours is the\r\nbest site to shop and claim!!!

- by larry on 04-20-2007

Good products and a nice, simple process used in the bidding.

- by Dennis on 04-19-2007