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thank you the policeauctions have the best things i like

- by Marco on 06-25-2008

Thank God for Preston!! who guided me through the ins and outs of how to get\r\nyour payment in before some sneaky someone adds another $1.00 to outbid you\r\nbecause you are new to this and while trying to figure out how (& what with)\nyou\r\npay for your lovely earrings \'cause it\'s the 1st ever winning anything at a\r\n$1. auction. He graciously informed me of the rules, etc, because I got a\r\n\"second chance\" & still hadn\'t been told what I could pay for them with.\nNOW,\r\nI know, thanks to Preston. Customer Service is the most important job in this\r\ndeal..& the exact correct person has the job!! Thanks a million Preston, you\nare\r\na doll, & now I have 2 (count them) 2 pairs of earrings..\'cause NOW, I KNOW!\r\nThanks Preston, Alice

- by Alice on 06-25-2008

great fun and prices

- by robin on 06-25-2008

this site is awesome and the support staff is excellent got some GREAT COINS\r\nfrom here.Keep up the great job gang.

- by allan on 06-25-2008

Items arrived in very well packed and in great condition.I recommend this site\r\nto anyone with doubts about online auctions

- by Bill on 06-25-2008

I recieved my product in a timley fashion

- by Bryan on 06-24-2008

a pleasant experience

- by bignat1960 on 06-24-2008

I love this site. Many very good things. No issues at all

- by Bignat1960 on 06-24-2008

I got more than what i expected. Cant wait to see what else i get.

- by joshmoe on 06-24-2008

I love that this site offers art and jewelery for sale. Two of my favorite\r\nthings!

- by Gail on 06-24-2008