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Great product, looks exactly as the description of the product

- by Joyce on 10-18-2019

Really like and not a lot of other bidders. They are missing out on something very nice.

- by Lisa on 10-17-2019

Nice bracelet stones stand out.

- by Lisa on 10-17-2019

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

- by Ida on 10-17-2019

This was a gift for my husband. He nearly lost his mind.

- by Ida on 10-17-2019

Absolutely stunning!

- by Ida on 10-17-2019

Happy with this gold plated pendant

- by Carolyn on 10-17-2019

A Beauty nice ring.

- by Patsey on 10-17-2019

Great addition to my collection. Thank you very much!

- by Jonita on 10-17-2019

Very beautiful product! Cant stop admiring it. Winning it has increased my faith in the bidding process such that I have won again, a splendid watch for my wife. With Police Auction," you never get tired of winning!".

- by Kojo on 10-17-2019