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It the my first to buy on this site i like it alot

- by Jesse W on 07-27-2008

good to work with

- by phil on 07-27-2008

fun to watch the bidding

- by phil on 07-27-2008

I was just looking for a ring that was a little special.I saw many at the\nstores\r\nbut they were not in my price range. I found 2 beautiful rings and I still\nhave\r\nsome cash in the pocket to look at more. I had a LOT of fun bidding.

- by Carrie on 07-26-2008

I have never had a transaction go more smoothly or have I received a nicer\r\nproduct. Thank you for making this quick, easy and FUN!

- by Patricia on 07-26-2008

I like how fast the shipping is,thanks terry

- by terry on 07-26-2008

Very pretty and will be noticed in public.

- by sherry on 07-26-2008

Great for sports collectors!!

- by J. on 07-26-2008

Love it!!\r\nVery entertaining...

- by J. on 07-26-2008

Good quality of items.....

- by JM on 07-26-2008