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This was my 1st time here and I can say I was very pleased with the items and my purchase.

- by MARIA on 02-16-2009

My ring is absolutely gorgeous. I\'ve worn it twice so far, but it has to sized to fit my ring finger. It arrived in excellent condition. Thanks much!!

- by Susan on 02-16-2009

Great site. Very happy with my purchase.

- by Maria on 02-16-2009

This stone was beautiful. I am very pleased with it. Looks clean and polished and no visible surface marks.

- by Susan on 02-16-2009

Love the ring. I love anything with hearts in it. Your right about titanium...I tried to open it up just a wee bit, but it won\'t budge. Really nice ring.

- by Susan on 02-16-2009

Stones were as expected. A little lighter in color then I thought, but I still like them. They were packaged extremely well. I hope the next ones I receive are just as nice.

- by Susan on 02-16-2009

I\'m very pleased with my items and will tell everyone about it. I can\'t wait to make my next purchase.

- by Maria on 02-16-2009

It was so easy. Just came by website by accident. There are great buys here. Forget the jewelry stores.

- by Barbara on 02-16-2009

Really Happy with my purchases. Great Seller

- by Sharon on 02-16-2009

I enjoyed bidding on this website. I had no problems and will continue to use this website in the future. Thank you.

- by Steve on 02-16-2009