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I received my tanzanite necklace and it is absolutely beautiful. I am extremely pleased with the quality and the price.

- by Vicki on 02-09-2009

it is fun to see all the items to choose from to bid on. the quality is really\ngood and you recieve your things really quick.

- by sara on 02-09-2009

I love this site.They are fast,fast with delivery.Will use again and\nagain.Thanks

- by Gypsyheart on 02-09-2009

The Civil War (North/South) Chess set is absolutely out of this world. It will be on a table in front of my fireplace with a chair on each side. The workmanship of the figurines is amazing! Thanks P.A.

- by Marijune on 02-09-2009

This is rather nice for the money.

- by Diane on 02-09-2009

Best choices of any other site. Great!!

- by fa3024 on 02-09-2009

Fun site

- by Marj on 02-09-2009

Great Item. Fast Shipping!

- by Jason on 02-09-2009

I being the sceptic I am have belonged to this site for 2 years and had never purchased a thing.I decided to try it out and see if what they were claiming was actual. We recieved a ring today for my wife and she couldn\'t be happier. It was everything it was represented to be and it was delivered just as stated. I look forward to more purchases in the near future.

- by Richard on 02-09-2009

by far the best thing ive stubbled across,next to my wife!!

- by scott on 02-09-2009