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My grandaughter will love the\r\nring

- by NICK on 08-14-2008

Finding many bargains and\r\nhaving fun

- by Nick on 08-14-2008

very good service reliable and fast \r\nthank you

- by shane on 08-14-2008

I love this speakers and i\'m very excited for the price and much satisfied.\r\nThanks\" Beegeesman. 08/12/08.

- by Bismark on 08-13-2008

I really wanted those purple\r\nearrings and had tried so hard - I was given a second chance - Thanks. \r\nHazel\r\n 8-12-08

- by on 08-13-2008

just having fun and getting things i want some times LOL

- by dan on 08-13-2008

Have picked up on some really\r\ngood deals

- by Rich on 08-13-2008

There is a large varity of items to bid on and all appear to be very good

- by Rich on 08-13-2008

saving these for my grandchildren. Should be worth somethig 20yrs from now.

- by sherry on 08-13-2008

thanks for wonderful site,i liked it lot.

- by sadig on 08-13-2008