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Received another box today and as with everyone before it was greatly\nimpressed.\r\n The UPS guy knows my first name now and he plans to stop at my house everyday.

- by Brad on 05-29-2008

My Favorite Auctions

- by bronius on 05-29-2008

i like the ring and thank you and i will order more rings.\r\n Thank you

- by Marco on 05-29-2008

Great Deals plus a lot of FUN

- by Joe on 05-29-2008

nice place to shop for fathers day

- by on 05-29-2008

Received glasses and they are beautiful! Can remember my Mom having these when\r\nI was kid! Will be back shopping with you again. Thank You so much.

- by judy on 05-28-2008

Depression dishes are beautiful!!! Thank You so much for the opportunity to\r\npurchase.

- by judy on 05-28-2008

The $20.00 Confederate Note is really great! Will be shopping with you again!

- by Judy on 05-28-2008

The Silver Certificate is in great shape. Beautiful!! Thank you for the\r\nopportunity to purchase.

- by Judy on 05-28-2008

This is my first auction I have won and am very happy with my experience with\r\nthis auction. I love how easy it is to place bids and it is set up nicely so\r\nit\'s easy to see all the auctions. I have had a great experience from start\nto\r\nfinish on this auction and will continue to buy stuff. I also love the ring I\r\nwon it is soooo beautiful!!! :)

- by Julie on 05-28-2008