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It is so easy. My win is going to be a Christmas gift.........I can hardly\nwait\r\nto give it to my daughter.

- by Val on 09-07-2008

thank you very much this will make a great gift.

- by jonathan on 09-07-2008

WOW! talkl about fast I paid I received and my Husband loves the ring its\r\nbeautiful and Manly ;-) thank you way better than most auction sites

- by Patti on 09-06-2008

the necklace was good i like it.

- by DEANNE on 09-06-2008

the ruby necklace of the 3 necklaces this is the one i love the most it looks\nso\r\ngood on my with my ruby rings DEANNE

- by DEANNE on 09-06-2008

I have received the products i paid for with no problems.Im always curious\nwhats\r\nfor sale.

- by James on 09-06-2008

great company. you have a large selection of products to bid on.turn around is\r\nvery good .thanks mike

- by mike on 09-05-2008

I have never owned a silver certificate before, so I just wanted to get a few\nof\r\nthem. Thank you for accepting my offer.

- by Cindy on 09-05-2008


- by Cindy on 09-05-2008

This is the best auction yet

- by Cindy on 09-05-2008