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beautiful. you missed out!!

- by sherry on 08-21-2008

I have so far won all my bids but one, all at a GREAT price. I am sorry I lost\r\nthe wine set, but I will watch for another one. Happy Shopping. brazzale3

- by Roberta B. on 08-21-2008

My purchase is awesome..can\'t wait to win some other things!!

- by DS, Jester\'s mom on 08-21-2008

good service.

- by phil on 08-21-2008

I just won a very pretty watch and I can\'t wait to see it.\r\nThis was exciting, I was amazed by the diversity of the items, it feels even\r\nbetter when you win.\r\nI am so motivated to bit on some more items now!

- by Jaleh on 08-21-2008

This card is awesome, I am a huge fan of The Mick and I appreciated you for\r\ngiving me the chance to bid for such a thing.

- by Matt on 08-20-2008

this site is verry easy to use and it gives the correct information i need to\r\nmake an informed decision.i also like the fact that you ship every thing\r\nseperately to account for every item. the only thing that would help is a\nplace\r\nwhere i could check on a late package to see when it will be comming.

- by tiffany on 08-20-2008

I love this sight because it is so easy to pick out what you want to bid on and\r\nalso it is easy to move around in. I just love it the painting I got was\r\nbeautiful.

- by daffy on 08-20-2008

thank you for gave me the second chance winner

- by jose cavazos on 08-20-2008

Excellent items big variety, great seller site.

- by Zepper on 08-20-2008