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My wife loves the rings I\'ve purchased for her. It\'s nice to be able to track the items and receive a call the day before they arrive.

- by duesel on 06-08-2009

very nice ring excelent quality,very easy to deal at\r\npolice auction I had recond you web to my friend thank you

- by merovidor on 06-08-2009

i just love that you can get on and bid for bueatiful things and win for not much money.and most of the things are real.

- by flygirl48 on 06-08-2009

I appreciate the chance to get the butterfly necklace,it was for my daughter\'s birthday, butterflies are her passion.The auction is a wonderful place to do this, I cannot get out and do the shopping for her, thank you so much.

- by Betty Taylor (bettelue) on 06-08-2009

Just keep the good things coming, Works for me.

- by bettelue on 06-08-2009

Very nice, good service.

- by Daniel on 06-08-2009

Very easy way to bid & pay, lots of fun!

- by MFTKathie on 06-08-2009

this thing is very heavey!\r\ni thought it would be alumminum.

- by gary kamish on 06-08-2009

nice shield go goog with my sword.

- by gary kamish on 06-08-2009

great product, quick delivery

- by graynco on 06-08-2009

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