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Won a beautiful ring and shipping was fast.

- by Dennis on 04-10-2006

Very happy with my recent purchase.

- by Sherriell on 04-08-2006

My purchase from the fire auction was great. Thanks.

- by Mike on 04-07-2006

Got a nice necklace at a great price, simply awesome.

- by Greg on 04-04-2006

Everything I have won has been shipped quickly. I have never had any\r\nproblems on anything I have won. Fire Auctions are so much fun. I also\r\nlove those cool pens stolen from policeauctions.com. I will try to stay a\r\nmember forever.

- by Todd on 04-04-2006

I bought and received two beautiful rings in great condition. I also got\r\nmyself a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings and hope to get them in time\r\nfor my anniversary.

- by Dawn on 04-04-2006

Everything I had received was in great shape except for the Samurai Swords\r\nI purchased thru Fire Auction which was damaged when it arrived. My son\r\nwould not let me return them because he liked them so much. It was missing\r\na large chip of the red laquer on the sleeve. I have always been happy with\r\nthe product and I will continue to participate in the auctions.

- by Jesse on 04-04-2006

Great auction, fast shipping, I\'ll play again.

- by Fabio on 04-03-2006

Great product-easy transaction! Will definitely do it again.

- by Dawn on 04-03-2006

My Wife was excited about her ring. I love the quality. Thanks.

- by Tony on 04-03-2006