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It is so very hard to see an item on the net and know that you can trust the\r\ndescription. The system was handled 1,2 & 3. We had some problems that was\r\nhandled with professionalism. Thank You

- by on 02-26-2008

This auction is the best way to shop at bargain prices.

- by Susan on 02-26-2008

It just came. I din\'t realize it was so big. Nice addition to my collection.

- by Shirley on 02-26-2008

They are so pretty. I love Blue and love the vases.

- by Shirley on 02-26-2008

This makes a nice addition to my love of \"Coke\" items.

- by Shirley on 02-26-2008

This was too easy..Great site for cheap prices

- by Susan on 02-26-2008

My son just loves the Mickey Mouse bank, It arrived quickly and in great shape.\n\r\n Mitch 02/26/08

- by mitch on 02-26-2008

This is a great site, I wish I would have found it sooner. The items that I\'ve\r\npurchased are even nicer than I ever expected. Mitch 02/26/08

- by Mitch on 02-26-2008

nice i hope the i get my items fast.. nice website.

- by jesus on 02-26-2008

Set WWII Steel Cents from 1943 was o.k. not in great shape, but the\npresentation\r\nwas nifty. will resell.

- by Susanne on 02-25-2008