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Thanks so much for the comics. I gave away my comics years ago and thought I\'d\r\nstart my collecting over again and with the 30 pounds to start that is a nice\r\namount of comics. Thanks a bunch!

- by Darryl on 04-23-2008

I love policeauctions

- by Miguel Becerra on 04-23-2008

Great coin display! Glad I won the auction.

- by kevin on 04-23-2008

Neat film. A unique piece of history I am glad I won.

- by km on 04-23-2008

Happy with my purchase

- by Fazlur on 04-23-2008

This is like my 10th winning bid and I have yet to have any problems. This\nsite\r\nhas covered all the bases, and it is a pleasure doing business with them.

- by Bignat1960 on 04-22-2008

the ring was a nice ring

- by tr on 04-22-2008

OMG - this site is great - i havent been disappointed in any of the 8 things\r\nI\'ve gotten so far . . . Cool S**t Folks !!!

- by Teresa on 04-22-2008

The Music Frogs are great & my daughter loved them.

- by tmstgermain on 04-22-2008

Puppies WE LOVE Puppies & Beer so when i saw this poster I just had to have it

- by tmstgermain on 04-22-2008