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I bid for an item and won. Several days later I received my item, brand\r\nnew and it works like a champ. I will certainly keep my eye out for more\r\nitems. In addition, I have told all of my friends about Fire Auctions!

- by Mario on 04-21-2006

I bid on a lexmark printer/camera combo.I enjoyed the auction and am very\r\nsatisfied with my purchase. I will be looking forward to many more\r\nauctions.

- by Esther on 04-21-2006

I purchased the 10,000,000 candle spot light for my son. He is a fireman\r\nand he loves it!

- by Mandy on 04-21-2006

I recieved the ring I won at your auction and WOW!!!\r\nIt is absolutely gorgeous, I still can\'t believe I got this ring at such\r\na price. I watch your auctions everyday and will continue to do so, Thanks\r\nso much!

- by John on 04-20-2006

I won a sander that works great for my furniture re finishing job...I bid\r\non here all the time..winner or not...what a great site for so many other\r\nthings!

- by keith on 04-20-2006

The item I received was great.

- by Sheila on 04-19-2006

Policeacutions.com rocks!

- by becky on 04-19-2006

I like the 5-min. auctions because theres no waiting. It makes you feel\r\nlike you\'re at a real auction.

- by kevin on 04-18-2006

I Have bought 9 items in the month I Have been a member everthing I\r\nrecieved have been packed excepional,NO PROBLEMS at ALL.WILL BUY AGAIN\r\n,AND RECOMMEND 2 EVERYONE. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

- by charles on 04-18-2006

The item I bought on auction arrived today, and all I can say is....WOW,\r\nit\'s gorgeous. Really, the pictures didn\'t do it justice. What a\r\nstunning ring, and fine 30th anniversary present\r\nthis will be for my wife! Will she ever be surprised. What a deal too! I\r\ngot a nearly $3000 ring for 10% of that cost. Policeauctions.com really\r\nrocks.

- by Daniel on 04-18-2006