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- by J on 02-19-2009

Now both my husband and I have canes. Both very substantial and also sturdy for walking. Carvings are very beautiful. Carry one now in each car. Thanks!

- by Marijune on 02-19-2009

Small but delicate earrings to hang down, will use them for a gift for my daughter. The sapphires are lovely in color.

- by Marijune on 02-19-2009

Always wanted to own some collars that were uncut and could be framed. Would loved to have had some $2.00 bills, but these will suffice. They will always be worth $4.00 if times get hard. Will be framed! Thanks!

- by Marijune on 02-19-2009

Police Auctions is fast, efficient, and no hassle.

- by Steven on 02-18-2009

this are the most beautiful aquamarines i have seen in my life thank you si=o much will be back again to purchase more items

- by judith on 02-18-2009

When I received my item it was better than I expected.

- by miguel on 02-18-2009

the ring was beautiful. this is the best place ever to buy rings.

- by Sherry on 02-18-2009

I love this site, I was able to get my dream engagement ring at a very affordable price all I had to do is \"BID\" : )

- by Erika on 02-18-2009

what a deal you can get

- by ronald on 02-18-2009