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Best site in the world for bargains!

- by Dickster on 04-07-2008

I recieved my bottle today and was very pleased and have to say I have liked\r\neverything so far. Karen

- by Karen on 04-07-2008

great place to buy and a good place to bid.

- by philboy on 04-07-2008

Awesome sign! Very unique and glad I won!

- by kevin on 04-06-2008

I love Van Halen so owning some of their original 48 LPs is fun!

- by kevin on 04-06-2008

Great tray! Glad I won! A unique piece to add to my collection.

- by kevin on 04-06-2008

I love it i had a lot of fun and exellent stuff

- by fior on 04-06-2008

great site for the money

- by Dick on 04-06-2008

Great items with acceptable prices

- by Jacek on 04-06-2008

easy as 1 2 3

- by Dick on 04-05-2008