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- by Isabelle on 01-29-2009

Love it

- by Isabelle on 01-29-2009

this is fun..I was hoping to get a matched set for \r\nvalintines day..Still working on it..\r\nAll my questions have been answered by a \r\nsweetheart of a guy in customer service.

- by dianne on 01-29-2009

Love the necklace! May keep it instead of giving as gift!!

- by Alice on 01-29-2009

I was able to bid on something I\'ve wanted for along time with ease. The price was unbelievable. Thanks.

- by MD on 01-29-2009

Have a real positive experience using this site. No complications what so ever. It was a quick and friendly transaction from start to finish. I am 100% satisfied.

- by Zack on 01-29-2009


- by Mike on 01-29-2009

I got a beautiful emerald/diamond ring for a fraction of the cost of its value. I am so pleased.

- by Linda on 01-29-2009

Thank\'s for giving me, the chance of wining.

- by Mirta on 01-29-2009

I received my brooch and very pleased with the quality of this piece and the other jewelry.

- by Sarah on 01-29-2009