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I felt safe on this site because you can actually speak to someone in customer\r\nservice department, which is a blessing. Far as the auction itself, it was a\r\nblast!! This was my first auction and it will not be my last!! Thanks for\r\neverything!!

- by Jerome on 04-15-2008

my package was just what i order

- by ojani1 on 04-15-2008

I just got another great value at about 6% of ERV.\r\nKeep up the goog work. Thanks

- by DF Moon on 04-15-2008

I purchashed a 1935-G Silver Cert. I am very happy with this purchase and\r\nwould\r\nuse to site again. Thanks

- by David on 04-15-2008

buy it now!

- by dick on 04-15-2008

Although I\'m new to this site, it appears to present an excellent opportunity\r\nto encrease \"networth investments.\" Diamonds and coins are very good\nprospects\r\nat this time. Thanks...DF Moon

- by D.F. Moon on 04-14-2008

I had a great experiance so far. just won my first bid so we shall see how\r\nthings go from there but so far i am satisfied

- by Bevan on 04-14-2008

Excellent necklace and extraordinary packing. \r\nThanks.

- by Dima on 04-14-2008

Nice site, fun and exciting to see the action heat up,

- by Dick on 04-14-2008

Great merchandise, shipped quickly!

- by Fran on 04-14-2008