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Great deal on a great piece of art.

- by Eric on 01-27-2009

I have been very happy with my dealings with policeauctions.com. item won are shipped fast, and are everything that they list.. Thank you

- by James on 01-27-2009

nice earings

- by john on 01-26-2009

Love my necklace, exceeded my expectations.

- by carmencita on 01-26-2009

Fast,friendly,accurate description.Thanks

- by beanie on 01-26-2009

This site is great and my daughter is going to be very very excited when she what i got for her....Thanks

- by Roger on 01-26-2009

I got this for my daughter...and i hope her mother doesn\'t keep it for herself

- by roger on 01-26-2009

I just ordered my first painting can\'t wait!!!

- by Akuna on 01-26-2009

I made what I thought was going to be too low of an offer on a clearance item, but I won! 1600 dollar painting for 50 bucks! Hell yeah!

- by Eric on 01-26-2009

well worth checking out the site.

- by Bob on 01-25-2009