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Oh my gosh! Rubies are my birthstone but too expensive to own many. This is so affordable, I’m going to get another ring!

- by Constance on 11-13-2019

These Sapphire and diamond dangle earrings are gorgeous! I can't wait to wear them!

- by Carolyn on 11-13-2019

Beautifully earrings! Bigger than I had imagined but still just right!

- by Constance on 11-13-2019

its to big for myself but it will make for a good cristmass presnt thank yall and happy holidays to all

- by ricky on 11-13-2019

this is a wonderful buy for my friend who I am sure will enjoy wearing it thank you

- by Wendy on 11-13-2019

Great my sister in law will love it for Christmas thank you could never afford it with out you senior person.

- by Wendy on 11-13-2019

Wife loves it

- by Jason on 11-13-2019

Nice item.

- by Salim on 11-13-2019

Love this website excellent products very pretty

- by William on 11-13-2019

His very pretty and my wife loved it. Quick deliveries

- by William on 11-13-2019