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Just like all the silver PC I got

- by Russell on 11-12-2019

In great condition like I like thank yal all

- by Russell on 11-12-2019

package not delivered by post office.....

- by gilles on 11-12-2019

When I received it and opened it up I was surprised to see it as beautiful as it looked in the picture! Love Love Love this, so Nice!

- by Penny on 11-12-2019

Very Nice item

- by Kellil on 11-12-2019

I really like this ring. Fits well and I wear it everyday.

- by Chanin on 11-12-2019

This was lovely, gave it to a 7 year old for her birthday. She loved it. She’s also a ribbon winning equestrian. So it felt appropriate.

- by Chanin on 11-12-2019

The face is huge, not for a small wrist

- by Sandra on 11-12-2019

They are smaller than I expected and the color is not what it appeared to be.

- by Helen on 11-12-2019

It’s very beautiful, large amethyst and diamonds that sparkle.

- by Helen on 11-12-2019