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Beautiful ring, sizing was fairly accurate.

- by Lora on 10-15-2019

Very nice ring!

- by Judy on 10-15-2019

Love it! Prettier than the picture!

- by Judy on 10-15-2019

Absolutely rich, beautiful color in exquisite setting. Love this piece!

- by Vicki on 10-15-2019

Love it 100%

- by Frank on 10-15-2019

So easy!!

- by Julie on 10-15-2019

gave this for my niece for her birthday and she loved it

- by MICKLE on 10-15-2019

when my girl open this she couldn't believe what she saw she like how to harvest a twisted

- by MICKLE on 10-15-2019

I really like this thank you very much I appreciate everything y'all do

- by MICKLE on 10-15-2019

This is the new key to my heart

- by MICKLE on 10-15-2019