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I am so in love with this necklaces! Exquisite!

- by Lee on 02-20-2019

Love love love! So rich looking and sparkles so beautifully!

- by Lee on 02-20-2019

Absolutely love these earrings! So beautiful!

- by Lee on 02-20-2019


- by Chris on 02-20-2019

My blue topaz sparkles beautifully. Thank you!

- by Mary on 02-20-2019

Very pretty and awesome, now back to bidding lol

- by Avery on 02-20-2019

Nice looking watch

- by Kimberley on 02-20-2019

Absolutely beautiful, very happy with earrings.

- by Debra on 02-20-2019

Love it !

- by Deborah K on 02-20-2019

This was a beautiful ring. My Daughter is gonna love it. If she doesn't, I'll keep it for myself!

- by Tammy on 02-20-2019