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A absolutely beautiful piece

- by Marianne on 09-18-2019

Just what I ordered

- by Tena on 09-18-2019

It was a great ring. Better than I thought it would be.

- by Charles on 09-18-2019

Its a beautiful ring ....

- by Judy on 09-18-2019

Beautiful ring its added to my collections! I really loved this site and highly recommended! *****

- by LEONIE on 09-18-2019

My husband was thrilled with this!

- by Ida on 09-17-2019

My husband LOVES it!!

- by Ida on 09-17-2019

The ring is beautiful!

- by Kris on 09-17-2019

Nice coin

- by David on 09-17-2019

Good quality

- by Midian on 09-17-2019