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Lives up to product advertised. I love it.

- by Brenda on 12-09-2018

Beautiful, better than I expected!

- by Lana on 12-09-2018

I love it

- by James on 12-09-2018

Love it

- by Dianne on 12-09-2018

Great Collectable that commemorates the sad loss of all nations.

- by James on 12-09-2018

Great Gift for my girl for Christmas!

- by James on 12-09-2018

Great gift for my girl she will love this finally coming from me.

- by James on 12-09-2018

Excellent experience. Great quality of product

- by Robert on 12-08-2018

My sister loved it. A Happy No Day present!

- by Darlene on 12-08-2018

The item was very impressive

- by Eva on 12-08-2018