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gift for my granddaugther

- by william on 02-21-2019

Very easy to bid. Vsuper easy to pay for my purchase. I have purchased several items and have not been disappointed with anything I have bought. I got my purchase in a very timely manner. I will not hesitate to bid/win/purchase more on this site. I have even recommended it to my family. Everyone loves a great deal! Thank you for the experience. MSABA

- by Johanna on 02-21-2019

its beautiful ; I love it

- by Sherrill on 02-21-2019

Very nice and beautiful

- by Raelene on 02-21-2019

Very pretty, very happy.

- by Roslyn on 02-21-2019

My husband won the ring. It's just beautiful. And I love it. Thank you

- by roy on 02-21-2019

Easy and pleased

- by Douglas on 02-21-2019

Very happy, no problem

- by Douglas on 02-21-2019

Stunning icy blue aquamarine...luv it.

- by Naomi on 02-21-2019

I absolutely LOVE IT !!! A perfect addition to my Jewelry pieces

- by Lanna on 02-20-2019