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Absolutely beautiful! Have gotten many compliments!

- by christine on 08-25-2019

Such a beautiful ring. Well made.

- by christine on 08-25-2019

Make a great gift to someone or you.

- by Gloria on 08-25-2019

Both D & P sets as advertised, nice addition to my collection, I even have the S set!

- by Robert on 08-24-2019

This ring is a gift for my sister. I have no doubt she'll love it. It's absolutely stunning!

- by Ida on 08-24-2019

Beautiful and exactly how they were depicted in the photo.

- by Laurie on 08-24-2019

Nice gift

- by Fabian on 08-24-2019

thanks it's a gift

- by william on 08-24-2019

It is perfect

- by Bassam on 08-24-2019

I would like another one

- by Letta on 08-24-2019