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These dudes run a tight ship

- by Con on 12-16-2018

Gorguz ring and quick post

- by Cassandra on 12-16-2018

It is a nice stone.

- by Ardalia on 12-16-2018

I had a great experience.

- by Satyowattie on 12-16-2018

Beautiful and solid!

- by Robert on 12-15-2018

Very beautiful! Grand daughter will love it!!

- by Robert on 12-15-2018

Great stuff I've won but they have 5 items I won that are taking awhile to get here but when those show up I'll be definitely buying more.

- by Joseph on 12-15-2018

Love it

- by Sabely on 12-15-2018

Love it

- by Faye on 12-15-2018

Just like the picture, beautiful, I love it

- by Alice on 12-15-2018