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The Stone is very Beautiful, Thank You.

- by Prakash on 06-26-2017

Love it

- by Armando on 06-26-2017

Very very nice thanks

- by juile on 06-26-2017

Awesome bar. Great prices from a great site Thank you

- by Michael on 06-26-2017

I gave this to my niece for her birthday. She loved it.

- by Kerrie on 06-26-2017


- by Frankie on 06-25-2017

oh my, it looks great on my finger...

- by Miriam on 06-25-2017

girlfriend lpves it...

- by Miriam on 06-25-2017

so beautiful love it

- by Miriam on 06-25-2017

I love it... awesome looking on my finger

- by Miriam on 06-25-2017