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HUGE 36"x48" Oil

8.8CT Aquamarine


1/4CT 39Diamonds

1.09CTW 192 Diam


.999 Pure Silver

Elegant Bridal

Oil on Canvas

VictoryBag Coins

Austin Coin Lot

Natalie 2.15ct C

104 B&W Diamonds

HUGE 36"x48" Oil

Akimio DIA Pearl

7.50 CWT Citrine

74 Diamonds Ring

Mens Diam&Onyx

10K GLD Diamonds

Zambian Emerald

21.55 CTW SBT


2.84 CTW RedRuby

1977 Eisenhower

Mens 41 Diamonds

Diamonds Cross

Garnet Gypsy

7.52 CTW AMYTanz

101.60 CWT Emera

Ruby Cushion Tri

18K 69SI Diamond

Diamonds RedRuby

4.32 CTW Emerald

30 Diamonds Ring

1957 Gem Proof Q

7.82CTW Opal

0.12CT 33Diamond

20 CWT Ruby Lot